News / 23.08.2017 | MOPT2017 lections

Videos of Plenary and Tutorial Lectures

  • A. Antipin Saddle-point methods for solving therminal control problems with phase constraints

  • O. Burdakov A reduction of cardinality to comlementarity in sparse optimization

  • S. Dempe Solution of bilevel optimization problems using the KKT approach

  • A. Gasnikov Decentralized distributed optimization

  • M. Khachay Approximation algorithms for some generalizations of TSP

  • A. Kibzun Measurability of Optimal Strategies in the Stochastic Optimal Control Problem with Discrete Time

  • Yu. Kochetov Mathematical heuristics in combinatorial optimization problems

  • V. Mazalov Networking Games

  • A. Nazin Algorithms of Inertial Mirror Descent in Convex Optimization Problems

  • R. Niedermeier Multivariate Algorithmics: On Interactions with Heuristics

  • E. Nurminski Sharp Penalty Mapping Approach to Approximate Solution of Variational Inequalities

  • E. Nurminski Discrete-time Lyapunov Theory for Optimization Processes

  • S. Shary Interval Methods for Data Fitting under Inaccuracy and Uncertainty

  • V. Strusevich Nonlinear Programming Models of Power-Aware Scheduling and Cloud Computing

  • A. Vasin Energy markets: optimization of transport infrastructure

  • Russian Operations Research Society Session