RuORS is the international branch of RSORS including all the researchers interested in international communication and cooperation.

RuORS includes the majority of RSORS members, in particular, the majority of organizers and participants of ORM 2004-2016. All the known regional groups are represented in RuORS by leading specialists.

The work on creation of the Russian Operational Research Society has been started in October 2013 as a decision of the VII Moscow International Conference on Operations Research (ORM2013) (see December 2013 issue of the IFORS Bulletin).

Society is based in the organization, which provides the secretariat of the society. Currently address is: Pushkinskaya 11, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, 185910, Russia.
Telephone (78142) 781108
Fax: (78142) 766313
E-mail: ruors@ruors.ru
Website: http://ruors.ru

According to the absentee vote on the election of the President and the Vice-President of the Russian society for operations research on January 28, 2019, Mazalov Vladimir Viktorovich (IAMR KRC RAS) and Vasin Alexander Alekseevich (MSU) were supported.

The Directive Board of the Russian Operational Research Society:

SPSU, Petrosyan Leon Aganesovich,
MSU, Vasin Aleksandr Alekseevich,
IAMR KRC RAS, Mazalov Vladimir Victorovich,
CCAS, Yevtushenko Yuri Gavrilovich,
CCAS, Novikova Natalia Mikhailovna,
CCAS, Flerov Yuri Arsenievich,
IMM UB RAS, Khachai Mikhail Yurievich,
FEFU, Nurminski Eugeniy Alekseevich,
IM SB RAS, Kochetov Yuri Alekseevich,
ISDCT SB RAS, Strekalovsky Aleksandr Sergeevich,
ICS RAS, Novikov Dmitry Aleksandrovich,
ICS RAS, Polyak Boris Teodorovich,
HSE, Moscow, Aleskerov Fuad Tagievich.

Kostyuk Felix Vladislavovich, CCAS,
Pyanykh Artem Igorevich, CMC MSU,
Rettieva Anna Nikolaevna, IAMR KRC RAS.