News / 01.07.2019 | Call for Papers Special Issue EURO 2019: Games in economics, finance and biology

Journal of Dynamics and Games

Endorsed by EURO 2019 Dublin

Deadline for Submissions 01.11.19


Game theory is a mathematical framework developed to address problems with conflicting or cooperating parties who are able to make rational decisions. The theory primarily deals with the finding the optimal rational decision in various scenarios. Game theory is a relatively new discipline. The modern game theory was introduced in the works of John von Neumann in the 1920s. John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern, and John Nash were the main contributors to the development of game theory. The theory offers a wide number of applications in different fields, including economics, political science, finance, psychology, biology, etc.

The guest of this special issue, Journal of Dynamics and Games is a pure and applied mathematical journal that publishes high quality peer-review and expository papers in all research areas of expertise of its editors. The main focus of JDG is in the interface of Dynamical Systems and Game Theory. It is devoted to the development and the diffusion of mathematical ideas and techniques that arise from the analysis and the modeling of systems where agents (whether they be rational players, markets, plants, animals, ecosystems, communication systems, etc.) interact dynamically over time.

We invite papers challenging mathematical questions occurring in such systems or provide a rigorous mathematical analysis of models where tools from dynamics and games prove to be useful. Areas covered include dynamic games, stochastic games, differential games, evolutionary games, models of learning and evolution, repeated games, mean field models, voting, auctions, matching, assignment games and other research areas of cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, preferentially where dynamics play a role, as well as the associated applications in social, economic, biology, life, physical and computer sciences.

The objective of this special issue is to explore latest development of mathematical ideas and techniques in modeling, and simulation related with Game theory applied in economics, finance and biology. Papers in newly evolving topics are especially welcomed. We invite researchers and experts worldwide to submit high-quality innovative research papers and critical review articles on the subsequent potential topics.

This Special Issue is endorsed at the occasion of the conference EURO 2019 Dublin (

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The papers submitted do not necessarily have to be those presented.


The topics include but are not limited to:

Games in economics

o Games in micro-economics
o Games in macro-economics
o Prey-predator models in economics
o Games on information spread in economics
o Games under interval or ellipsoidal uncertainty
o Games under grey or fuzzy uncertainty
o Stochastic and differential games
o Economic games under regime switching

Games in finance

o Games in financial and commodity markets
o Games in auctions
o Games on wealth processes
o Games on price processes
o Games on consumption processes
o Games on portfolio processes
o Stochastic optimal control with games
o Financial games under regime switching

Games in biology

o Prey-predator models in biology
o Game theory in bioinformatics and system biology
o Game theory in epidemiology
o Game theory in the biology of neuroscience
o Game theory in cancer research and treatment
o Game theory in environmental protection
o Gene-environment networks under uncertainty and regime switching
o Hybrid systems in biology


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When submitting, make sure you choose "SI: EURO 2019". A cover letter must be included which includes the title "EURO 2019: Games in economics, finance and biology".


 1 November 2019   Submission deadline 
 January 2020   Notification of the first round review   for guidance only 
 April 2020   Revised submission due 
 July 2020   Final notice of acceptance/reject 


Prof. Dr. Cristinca Fulga
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Dr. Bruno Miguel Paz Mendes de Oliveira
University of Porto, Portugal, and LIAAD, INESC TEC

Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Affiliation: IAM, METU, Ankara

Prof. Dr. Patrizia Daniele

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Masalov

Prof. Dr. Guiomar Martin-Herran